Government of Nepal

Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security

Department of Labour and Occupational Safety

Labour and Employment Office

Birendranagar, Surkhet

Notice / News
S.N Title Category Published Date Publisher
1 minimum wage Notice / News 2081-02-22 admin View Details
2 Labor supplier Notice / News 2079-05-27 View Details
3 Notice Notice / News 2078-07-26 Admin View Details
4 Gazette regarding minimum wage Notice / News 2078-05-01 Admin View Details
5 Regarding coming to register in the existing list. Notice / News 2078-04-07 Admin View Details
6 Office operation information! Notice / News 2078-03-18 Admin View Details
7 Re-employment approval information Notice / News 2078-03-01 Admin View Details
8 Regarding the implementation of the decision Notice / News 2077-12-12 Admin View Details
9 Information regarding closure of non-essential services Notice / News 2077-12-09 Admin View Details
10 Regarding the service of re-employment approval. Notice / News 2077-12-05 Admin View Details
11 Very important information for those who have gone abroad for employment on a visit visa or have been stranded or have submitted money or passport Notice / News 2077-08-23 Admin View Details
12 Information regarding service operation! Notice / News 2077-06-19 Admin View Details
13 Regarding smooth service. Notice / News 2077-06-04 Admin View Details
14 Service shutdown notice. Notice / News 2077-05-29 Admin View Details
15 Information regarding submission of labor audit report to industry establishments and employers within the jurisdiction of Labor and Employment Office, Surkhet. . . Notice / News 2077-05-02 Admin View Details
16 Information regarding service recipients to follow protocol related to public health and safety Notice / News 2077-03-19 Admin View Details
17 Important information regarding labor audit Notice / News 2077-03-05 Admin View Details
18 Regarding complaints. Notice / News 2077-01-05 Admin View Details